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Welcome to www.Event-DJs.co.uk

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All the DJs involved in www.event-djs.co.uk came together because of a common problem we have observed: 

Our friends and family getting charged too much for a substandard DJ who ruins their event. All the DJs here at Event-DJs are vastly experienced and regularly play in the top London clubs as well as DJing weddings, parties, birthdays etc. 

WE AREN'T OVER PRICED (in fact we get asked a lot why we are so cheap).

WE PROVIDE EXCELLENT SERVICE that is tailored specifically to your event, taking music from a pool of over 300,000 songs. We will also source specific tracks just for you, at your request. 

WE NEVER REPEAT OUR SETS. Your event is yours and yours alone and that is how it should be.

WE USE TOP OF THE RANGE EQUIPMENT to make sure your event goes perfectly and we always bring spares of everything....just incase. So we will never be caught out by equipment malfunctions and your event will run smoothly.

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(this is a rough guide and WILL vary (both up and down) depending on the exact specification of the event, location, times and length:

Wedding (4 hrs music, 1 hour set up, 1 hour take down): £400

Party(over 16s parties only): (4 hours music, 1 hour set up, 1 hour take down): £350

Birthday (over 16s parties only): (3 hours music, 1 hour set up, one hour take down): £300

You may well ask what is the difference and why the price change?

For us its the work level required in prep and on the night, because we tailor your music to you we have to do hours of prep and then at weddings people want lots of requests, and different types of music too, at the standard we play this is hard to do so we charge a little extra, remember your not booking disco dave here, we will actually DJ your event NOT just use our iTunes account and £100 latptop controller).